FineTek SE3 Mini Rotary Paddle Level Switch

FineTek SE3800 Compact Rotary Paddle Level Switch is to detect the presence of powdery or free flowing solids in small tanks, bins and hoppers. During normal operation (no material present) a synchronous motor rotates the paddle at one RPM. When this paddle rotation is impeded by material, surrounding the paddle, motor will stall and cause the micro-switch to change state (indicating an alarm or control).

General Specification:

  • Paddle Type Options Cross, Scimitar, Spring Folded
  • Mounting Connection ¾” PF (BSPP) with Lock Nut
  • Material Density ≥0.3 g/cm³
  • Rotary Speed 1 RPM
  • Housing Aluminium Alloy, IP65
  • Switch Output, SPDT, 5A/250VAC
  • Power Supply Options 24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC, 240VAC
  • Power Consumption 1.5 Watts
  • Standard Cable Length 300mm
  • Temperature 70°C (high temp version 200°C)
ModelSupply VoltagePaddle Shape
SE3800ACRG110VACCross (PC)
SE3800BCRG220VACCross (PC)
SE3800CCRG240VACCross (PC)
SE3800DCRG24VACCross (PC)
SE3800ECRG24VDCCross (PC)
SE3800ACRK110VACSpring Folding (SS)
SE3800BCRK220VACSpring Folding (SS)
SE3800CCRK240VACSpring Folding (SS)
SE3800DCRK24VACSpring Folding (SS)
SE3800ECRK24VDCSpring Folding (SS)

Data Sheets

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