HF Scientific CLX On-Line Residual Chlorine Monitor

Free Chlorine Monitor & Controller

The HF Scientific CLX On-Line Residual Chlorine Monitor is an economical and low maintenance instrument for municipal, chemical, or industrial processes that require continuous monitoring and control of residual Free or Total Chlorine levels. User selectable cycle times, 4-20mA and RS-485 with Modbus output that can be used to control feed pumps and user selectable alarms allow complete manual or automatic control of chlorine dosing. The instrument is housed in a strong, shatterproof case with easy access to all service functions and reagents.

General Specifications:

  • Range 0-10mg/l (PPM)
  • Free or Total Chlorine Measurement
  • Colorimetric DPD Chemistry
  • Cycle Time Adj. 110 sec to 10 min
  • 4-20mA & RS-485 Modbus
  • Two Programmable Relays

Data Sheets

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