Barben pH/ORP Industrial Process Electrodes

ORP Probe

Barben Industrial pH Measurement Electrodes are designed with unique formulations to prevent coating and scaling. Additional coating resistant options further improve lifespan in strong caustic (NaOH) and silica applications. These specialty glass formulations are manufactured to precision impedance ranges to ensure the best balance between high strength signal, speed of response, structural integrity under high pressure, long life in high temperatures and extreme acid and caustic pH conditions. Unique billet style ORP electrodes completely eliminate glass from the process thus further eliminating potential breakage.

Axial Ion Path® Reference:

  • Patented design increases sensor life, accuracy and reliability.
  • High resistance to poison: Reduced calibration offset error.
  • Large surface area reference junction eliminates plugging issues.
  • Eliminates error due to fluctuating pressure.
  • No exotic gel or polymer electrolyte which may be incompatible with the process.

Specialized Electrode Glass Formulations & Styles

  • High accuracy and lifespan in strong acids and bases.
  • Coating resistant glass electrode reduces fouling.
  • Silica resistant option to eliminate bonding to glass.
  • Ruggedized hemispherical and flat glass options resist breaking.

Data Sheets

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