Simex SRP-73 Process Meter

Simex Display

Simex SRP-73 Process Meter is panel mount four digit LED display for current & voltage input with programmable relay outputs.

General Specifications:

  • Display LED, Red & Green, 4 Digits, 9 or 13mm High
  • Range -999 to 9999
  • Input 0/4-20 mA, 0/1-5V, 0/2-10V
  • Communication Interface RS-485 / Modbus RTU
  • Dimension 72x36x97mm (case)
  • Power Supply 85V-260V AC/DC or 19V-50V DC, 16V-35V AC
  • Power Supply Output 24VDC

Data Sheets

Ordering CodePower SupplyRelay
IP Rating
SRP-73-1821-1-4-011 85-260V AC/DC2IP65
SRP-73-1800-1-4-01185-260V AC/DC0IP65
SRP-73-1821-1-3-011 24V AC/DC2IP65
SRP-73-1800-1-3-01124V AC/DC0IP65
SRP-73-1821-1-4-001 85-260V AC/DC2IP40
SRP-73-1800-1-4-00185-260V AC/DC0IP40
SRP-73-1821-1-3-001 24V AC/DC2IP40
SRP-73-1800-1-3-00124V AC/DC0IP40

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