Level Transmitters

 EchoPod UG01 & UG03
Reflective Technology

  • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter & Controller
  • Condensation Drops of Transducer
  • Signal Output 4-20mA (fail-safe)
  • Switch Ouputs, 4x SPST
  • Sensor PVDF, Enclousre PP
  • Ranges 1.5m or 3.0m
  • Narrow Beam Width 5cm

EchoPod DL24 Ultrasonic
Level Controller & Transmitter

  • Range 10cm to 3m
  • Narrow Beam Width 5cm
  • Signal Output 4-20mA (fail-safe)
  • Switch Outputs, 4x SPST
  • Sensor PVDF , Enclosure PP
  • Connection 1" NPT or 1" G (BSPP)
  • Functions Emptying, Filling & Level Alarms

 EchoPod UG06 & UG12
Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

  • LCD Display | cm, inch or %
  • Config via Push Buttons or WebCal
  • Ranges 6m & 12m
  • Signal Output 4-20mA (fail-safe)
  • Sensor PVDF, Enclosure PP
  • Reflective Technology Condensation Drops of Transducer

EchoWave LG10-11
Guided Radar Transmitter

Range 5.5m, Temp -40°C...150°C
4-20mA (3 wire)
Types Rod, Coaxial & Cable

EchoPulse LR30
Radar Level Transmitter

  • Range 30cm to 30m
  • Rugged IP68 Sensor c/w 10m Cable
  • SS Wall Mounting Bracket for Sensor
  • Wall Mount LCD Display IP67
  • Output 4-20mA, 2 wire, Fail Safe, Invert
  • Sensor Mounting above & below ground

EchoPulse LR20
Radar Level Transmitter

Range 20m, AISI316L & PTFE
4-20mA (2 wire)
LCD Display, IP67

 Trafag Series ECL (8439)
Submersible Pressure Transmitter

Hydrostatic Level Transmitter
IP68, 4-20mA (2 wire)
Ranges from 100mbar (1m Water)
Body AISI316L, FKM

 Trafag Series ECTF (8473)
Frontal Membrane Sensor

Ceramic Sensor for Slurries
4-20mA, 0-5VDC, 1-6VDC, 0-10VDC
Range from 0...100mBar (1m water)

 Trafag Series NSL (8257)
Low Pressure Transmitters

Sensor Type Thin Film on Steel
Signal Output 4-20mA, M12x1, IP67
Ranges 0/0.2 bar up to 0/2.5 bar
Connection 1/4" BSPP, AISI304