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Rhomberg Pressure Gauges & Temperature Gauges

Rhomberg PBB
Industrial Pressure Gauges

SS Case & SS Removal Bezel
Back Blow Out Disc
Sizes 63, 100, 150 & 250mm
Ranges 0...60kPa, 0...100MPa

Rhomberg PBG
Utilities Pressure Gauges

Bourdon Tube Brass or SS
Heavy Duty Services
Bottom & Back Connection
Sizes 63 & 100mm

Rhomberg PBZ
Colour Coded Case & Bezel

PBT (Polymer) Case & Bezel
UV Resistant & Most
Corrosive Environments
Sizes 80, 100 & 150mm

Rhomberg PCB
Capsule Low Pressure

Ranges 0...25mbar, 0...1,000mbar
Case Mild Steel, SS, PBT
Sizes 63, 100 & 150mm
Bottom & Back Connection

Rhomberg PBJ
Plastic Case Pressure Gauge

External Zero Adjusmtment
Size 63mm, Socket Brass
Bourdon Tube Bronze
Blue, Red, Black, White, Green

Rhomberg PBX
Safety Pattern Design

PBT (Polymer) Case & Bezel
Fully Open Back
Micrometer Adjustable Pointer
Sizes 54, 100 & 150mm

Rhomberg TPS
Bi-Metal Thermometers

Industrial Temperature Gauges
Ranges -50...50ºC, 100...500ºC
Sizes 63, 76, 100, 125 & 150mm
Mount Bottom, Back & Every Angle

Rhomberg TPB
Nitrogen Gas Thermometers

Capillary Temperature Gauges
Ranges -20...200ºC, 0...600ºC
Sizes 100 & 150mm
Mount Lower, Back & Flange

Rhomberg DPG
Digital Pressure Gauge

LCD Backlit, Battery Powered
Wetted Parts AISI316, Ceramic, Viton
Enclosure AISI304
psi, cmHg, mmHg, kPa, mPa, Bar

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